Mpumi : Biography & Amapiano Music Career

Mpumi : 2019 Amapiano Music Career & Biography

Mpumi : Amapiano Music Career & Biography

Mpumi 2019 : On this page we have a little information about SA amapiano artiste, her biography, piano music career and so on. Keep reading below.


Nompumelelo Mpumi Mzobe is the biological name of the South African female artiste. She is a 32-years, and also a sound mixer at SABC.

She was born in a little village of Ndwedwe, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa, and according to the female entertainer, her growing up was full of struggles alongside her other four siblings.

She lost her father at a very young age and has been left with her mother and siblings.

In an exclusive interview, she talked a little about her mother, she said; “My mother worked as a domestic worker so we could go to school,” she continued; “I remember I had only one shirt and I had to come back every day from school and wash it for the next day.

My father left us when I was a little girl. I don’t even have a picture of him. I think of him as an instrument that God chose to bring me to this Earth.”

At a point, there was political instability at her area, which prompted she and her family to leave and move to a new place called Ntuzuma Township located at Durban, South Africa.

She revealed that though they were poor, her mother made sure that her siblings and her were well educated, meanwhile Mpumi did not give up on her love for music.

Music Career

Mpumi has always wanted to pursue her music career, but it was a hard decision to make since they were not so well to do but she wanted to support her family financially.

She later got admitted at University of Technology Durban, South Africa, then called Technikon Natal where she started to study video technology, unfortunatley she dropped off after a year because she did not have enough money to pay her tuition.

After her drop out, she joined a theater arts academy called Mbongeni Ngema, at that point she revealed she felt she had already found that she had found her passion.

Indeed, it was a turning point for for the youngster, at the academy she said she was trained how to sing like a professional, then also she realised she could also act; she added that she then enjoyed it.

In 2002, Mpumi who was not yet not a popular figure decided she had something to do, – save up some money and get back to school.

In 2013, she hit her major break out with her hit track Wena, then she wrote other hit tracks like Busa with DJ Euphonik, and from writing songs she started releasing her songs like Somandla.

Mpumi 2019 Amapiano & House Songs

In 2018, the female emcee decided to try out the new and trending amapiano music genre, she mostly featured in some hit amapiano songs, and below we have the top amapiano songs and other best house tracks by the emcee;

Mpumi – Shona Malanga : This was one of the major hits of the female singer, the song was dropped on October 2018.

DJ Active – Iparty Engaka ft. Mpumi : The 2018 release serves as one of her first amapiano trials, she was featured by Dj Active, and the song was released on November 18th 2018.

Mpumi – Mfokalanga Ft. Professor : At this point, she could be officially named an amapiano artiste as she called in Professor to assist her on a mashup that trended in South Africa at the beginning of the year, Mfokalanga was released on  February 2019.

TNS – Umona Ft. Mpumi : TNS ft Mpumi on this hot amapiano song called Umona, subsequently after the release of Mfokalanga, Umona took over the amapiano airwaves, and it was released in July 2019.

Prince Bulo – Makhelwane Ft. Mpumi, Beast & Tribal : This a a house song released by Price Bulo towards the end of July, and it featured Mpumi, Beast and Tribal.

TNS – Dance Nation Ft. Mpumi : After the success of Umona, TNS called in Mpumi to make another hit called Dance Nation, the song was released in September 2019.

Dr Malinga – Ngikwenzeni Ft. Mpumi, Villager SA : Prolific SA Amapiano producer, Dr Malinga called in Mpumi and Villager SA to assistim on an amapiano track called Ngikwenzeni, released on October 21st 2019.

Oskido – Menyiwe Master Ft. Mpumi & MFR Souls : On October 25th, Mpumi and MFR Souls joined Oskido to drop an amapiano track called Menyiwe Master.

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You may also want to meet Mpumi, the talented songbird via her social media accounts below.




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