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Sha Sha Features DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small On Bring It Back Sing It Back Amapiano Remix 

Female Singer, Sha Sha Features DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small On Bring It Back Sing It Back Amapiano Remix 

In the course of recent months, amapiano has developed into a well known new music genre not just in South Africa, but in other African countries,

At the point when it initially flew on the scene in 2018, obviously this sound which was made in Pretoria was digging in for the long haul.

Basically amapiano is a blend of deep house, gqom all blended in with the energetic, soulful piano sounds.

Despite the fact that individuals like Tall As Tee and The Soul Dictators are referred to as the makers of this sound, numerous other specialists have joined the amapiano ship to make hits of their own. From Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa to Samthing Soweto, Scorpion Brothers and also Mlindo The Vocalist.

Aside from jumping into this new sort, these producers likewise share one other thing for all intents and purpose. They all collaborated with Zimbabwean female vocalist, Sha Sha to make their song a hit.

Beautiful artiste from Mutare has become an in-demand vocalist in amapiano, this is simply because of her hard work and the relevance of her first amapiano drop.

Sha Sha who obviously is not a new person in music production, has her biological name as Charmaine Mapimbiro, began performing at concerts in Zimbabwe after her close relatives supported her. “I shouldn’t get into music. I really needed to be a nurse. Growing up I would sing in festivals and at school plays however I never really figured I could sing, others did,” she said.

In the wake of seeking after music expertly and having her songs become a radio sensation in Zimbabwe, the rising star decided to move to South Africa and seek after music seriously here. She began doing gigs and before long began growing a fanbase however things truly changed when a taxi driver she befriended acquainted her with DJ Maphorisa

I would do a ton of gigs around evening time and I had a taxi driver and one day he asked me for what good reason do i was continually move around in the evening time and I disclosed to him that I sing. Turns out he additionally drove DJ Maphorisa from time to time so he acquainted me with him. I sang for him and he loved my voice,” she said.

Following first experience with the amapiano DJ, Sha Sha then assisted on some melodies like “Nge Thanda Wena” and “Akulaleki” which has helped bond her name in the South African music business.

Her most recent offering is a remix of Moloko’s notable tune, ” Bring It Back Sing It Back”. “Whatever I do, I do it since I like it. I have constantly adored ‘ Bring It Back Sing It Back’ so I needed to add the amapiano vibe to it and see what we get and I cherished it,” she said.

Not just one to be marked as an amapiano vocalist, her debut EP, “Bloom”is already out this November and is as of now available on Apple iTunes for download.

ShaSha describes it as a work of affection. “This EP has been bound to happen and I am truly happy that it is here.

“I really worked hard a great deal to get to this point and I simply need to commend that. On this EP you will see my different me and will also identify the various themes on the EP“, she said.

Stream Sing It Back on Apple iTunes, Stay tuned on for more information.

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