Best Days Of The Week To Keep in Touch With Amapiano Songs

Amapiano days : Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays: Best Days Of The Week To Listen And Check Out For New Amapiano Songs

Pick your amapiano day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, When do you think should be convenient or better to release or check out for new amapiano songs and mix? share your thoughts on the comment section below.

It is a usual pattern to watch out for new song releases on Fridays, but for amapiano songs, you really need to be on alert. There have been times where producers created and released some wonderful amapiano piece, but guess what not on the usual day, Friday.

Unlike GQom which majorly has it’s mixes released on Fridays, Amapiano seems to have various days which artistes choose to share their song, some popular days in the week include Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Amapiano Monday

No one could have thought that new amapiano songs could be released on a Monday till South African piano singer, uBandile broke the rule.

The SA house singer took to his social media patform to announce the release of his project Monday – Sunday Amapiano mix, which was released on a Monday, the project was assisted by Absolute Lux.

Also prolific South African DJ, DJ Panik chose to release his Amapiano series and mixes on Mondays, and he shares them exclusively on Mixcloud.

Amapiano Thursday Mix

Well, it’s a day before the “usual” day to share new tunes, but what is so special about this day is that, the Amapiano movement has chosen to release some mixes on Thursdays, calling them “Amapiano Thursday Mix”.

Some popular artistes who have actively participated in the Thursday Mixes are;

Bitter Soul

C’Buda M

Conquer 2000

Da Muziqal Chef

DJ Stoks


DJ Stokie

Amapiano Friday Mix Series

It is of course usual and normal to have some major releases on Fridays, just as every other house mixes like Friday Gqom Mix.

Apart from the usual Friday Amapiano Mix Series like (Amapiano Friday Night Mix), many other artistes choose to release ther amapiano songs, albums or mixes on Fridays, which is a day fans usually anticipate for new drops from their artistes.

Amapiano Sunday

Apparently, Sundays are meant for religious activities, leisure and rest. But some artistes has also decided to make some Sunday Service mixes, and other relaxing piano mixes, which should sooth the leisure and relaxation moments, with less bass but more of soulful piano sounds.

Artistes like African Jackson took to his Youtube Channel to share an amapiano tune he called Amapiano 2019 Part 49: Sunday Service, though announced on October 20th 2019, the mix was later released on 25th October, same year.

Also Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa released an amapiano mix on Sunday 6th Oct at Recharge Midrand. The mix was released in anticipation of their already released project called Piano Hub.

And then finally, house shows are usually fixed on Sundays like the Ebubeleni Urban 2019 Fest which was fixed on Friday 27 December, guests are to find out the most trending music genre in South Africa as it is Hip Hop vs GQOM vs AmaPiano.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are not really days for locked piano tunes, but that does not mean that it could not change in the future as an amapiano group may come up and choose any of the days, so keep checking up on us to get more information.

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